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Periodic visit for your packaging line

The Plus Points

  • Regular and reassuring surveillance of your installation which facilitates your daily management,
  • Maintenance work in accordance with your budget and scheduled to coincide with your production stoppages,
  • Guarantee that the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations are being followed.


To make a request


Cermex proposes two categories of maintenance contract to ensure your equipment continues to operate at its best technical level for optimum output.

  • Contract for periodic visits:
    Regular visits of a service engineer to check machine functioning, carry out adjustments, give additional training to your production and maintenance staff and draw up an assessment if required.
  • Contract for preventive maintenance:
    A 3-year maintenance schedule of visits (every 4, 6 or 12 months) to carry out preventive maintenance operations including part replacement.

Keep control over your machinery’s maintenance costs and maintain the performance of your installation at its highest level.


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