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From the high-speed lane divider to the case erector by way of the case packing robot and wrap around packer, you might find what you are looking for in terms of an appropriate mechanised case packing/film and palletisation solution in the list below…

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4 Automatic Case Gluers for Top Flaps Available
Ref. C641.40
Packaging handled

Exceptional offer
  • New machine as per Cermex standard specifications
  • Warranty: 1 year for parts (excluding wear parts) and labor
  • Configuration designed to handle 5 different case formats
  • Commercial discount of 30%, i.e. ex works price of 20 000 € before tax
Advantages of the C641 Case Gluer
  • Case squaring guaranteed by in-line flap folding
  • Accurate folding and even gluing of inner flaps by fixed guide and articulated arm
  • Positive progressive folding of outer flaps
  • Pressure applied evenly to the sealed case
  • Robust design
  • Speed: up to 45 cases/min depending on the application
  • Compact solution; easy to fit into your line layout
  • Quick size changeovers
Working principle
  • The filled cases with bottom flaps sealed are fed in on a band conveyor. The speed variation in relation to the motorized conveyor upstream from the machine ensures the spacing out before the folding of the flaps.
  • The internal top rear flap is folded positively by an articulated arm with alternating movement.
  • The internal top front flap is folded by a fixed guide.
  • Regular hot-melt glue strips are applied during the progressive folding of the external flaps.
  • In a lengthened transfer zone, pressure is evenly applied to the case by a top pressing plate fitted with rollers thereby ensuring perfect gluing before the case is fed out.     
Cermex standard
  • CE pack
  • Color: Ral 9006
  • Components as per Cermex standard
  • Wide size range:
- Length: 200 to 550 mm
- Width: 150 to 350 mm
- Height: 150 to 360 mm

Specific adaptations can be proposed at an extra cost.
works price of 20 000 € before tax
Shrinkwrapper witout sealing bar with optional tray support Available
  • Pin-gating selection
  • Control by industrial PC
  • Injection table on a removable rack
  • Speed: 36 cycles/min
Low coast
Multiple Monobloc Top Loading Case Packers Available
SD Side Loading Case Packer
Packaging handled
  • Case forming, loading and sealing on a single machine
  • Fully accessible machine
  • Increased mechanical performance
  • Compact and ergonomic design at each station
Low Cost
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