Cermex, for comprehensive packaging equipment solutions

Constant innovation, commitment right down the line:

Evolutions in the packaging world, both in terms of quantity and quality, provide Cermex with constant food for thought with regard to industrial solutions to be used in the mechanisation process.

This is why every year, more than 1000 new products, components or procedures are tested by the technical departments and integrated into the machines if deemed progressive.

What’s more, with its knowledge of different sectors, Cermex is able to adapt concepts across sectors whilst at the same time integrating specific elements.

Equipped with this experience, Cermex can provide your readers with a different and attractive approach to a particular theme or enquiry concerning a range of machines.

Contact us: For articles or specific documents including videos and CDs, please contact us at the following e-mail address: Contact.us@cermex.fr

Meet us: click here to access the list of exhibitions where you will be able to discover the latest in Cermex innovations or exchange ideas and views on current trends in packaging and end of line automation.

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