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Innovation The single-line PalPack 3300 layer by layer palletizer validated by the market 16/04/2013
Layer by layer palletizerThanks to the recent integration of Newtec, Cermex can now propose an efficient solution for low-speed markets. The single-line Pal-Pack 3300 layer by layer palletizer can handle 300 to 1400 packages per hour, with unpacked products or products in trays. It stands out with its ergonomic design, compact footprint and reduced maintenance. Fitted with PalDesigner pallet pattern management and programming software, the machine gives users full autonomy for creating formats.

About 10 machines have been sold since its launch mid-2012: for the wine and food industry.
Innovation Robotic product collating system 16/04/2013
The food, home care and health care industries often handle soft products or products that are difficult to accumulate, as well as assorted products in the same packaging. To meet these requirements, Cermex has enhanced its range of collating solutions with a compact, smooth, lightweight, accurate, robotic collating system to replace mechanical systems upstream from its case packers.

A 4-axis robot with high speed wrist grips products using suction cups. Its cylindrical working envelope fits into a diameter of 1 350mm and a height of 500 mm, with no “dead” zone. Its high accessibility simplifies programming and allows quicker cycle times. Designed to meet the requirements of the food, personal care and health care industries, it is easy to clean, fully protects products thanks to smooth and accurate movements and allows for quick and easy format changeovers.
Success: Strong development in the Middle East 04/04/2013
Despite extremely varied socio-political and economic situations, Middle Eastern countries have industrial growth in common. The countries traditionally dependent on oil and tourism are joining the countries already involved in manufacturing globalization. Cermex is keeping a close track of the development in requirements in this part of the world to be able to fully meet the needs of multinationals or local companies for new installations or re-engineering.

Latest Cermex sales in the Middle East
  • Saudi Arabia: 1 WB wrap around case packer for plastic containers of motor oil
  • Egypt: 1 TS shrink-wrapper for packs of small bottles of milk
  • Iraq: 1 DiviSlat lane divider for a previously installed line handling bottles of mineral water
  • Israel: 2 TS shrink-wrappers for shrink-wrapped packs of jars of gherkins
  • Turkey: Mineral water: 2 P4 palletizers for bottles - Conveying system on a previously installed line for shrink-wrapped packs - 1 TS shrink-wrapper for packs

Success: 12 wrap around case packers sold in 4 months 18/03/2013
The WB/BB case packer family brings an efficient and reliable solution to all industrial sectors.
Fully proven for many years, this range of machines has now become an indispensable standard in wrap around applications. Users particularly appreciate the machine smoothness and user-friendliness: the WB and BB packers are fully servo-motorized and ergonomic, with walk-in access into the heart of the machine. The modularity of the concept offers the choice of functions best suited to the customer’s requirements, with a compact layout which can be installed in all environments.
Other advantages are easy cleaning and good product traceability.
The latest WB/BB sold
  • Saudi Arabia: plastic containers of motor oil
  • Canada: cartons of sweets
  • Belgium: multipacks of cosmetic products
  • France: multipacks of cosmetic products
  • France: bags of frozen pastries
  • Indonesia: cartons of instant breakfasts
  • Thailand: carbonated drinks
Internationalization: Technical center set up in Beijing 18/03/2013
Until now, the SB27 side loading case packer for the Asian market has been manufactured in our Chinese assembly halls in its standard version only.
By setting up a local technical center, the Beijing factory can now take charge of the whole process from study to assembly of all the modules. Cermex is consequently broadening its portfolio on the Asian market by proposing a machine that is competitive in terms of both cost and reactivity. This machine is perfectly in line with the Cermex quality and technical standard. This new activity within our Chinese production facility opens doors for other machines and will also increase our range of machines destined for the Asian market.

A new Cermex shrink-wrapper to complete the range for contract packers 20/12/2012
In addition to the TSF shrink-wrapper dedicated to contract packing, Cermex now proposes an alternative with the TSP2 CAF model which offers numerous additional advantages such as a retractable film injection table, high speeds (6000 products/hour) and machine operation by PLC. Furthermore, the shrink-wrapper can handle larger product batches thanks to greater film reel widths.
Cermex shrink-wrappers exported to Nepal 20/12/2012
A major bottler of carbonated drinks has renewed its trust in Cermex for the delivery of a VersaFilm® shrink-wrapper to Nepal.

It is the first Cermex VersaFilm® sold in this country and shrink-wraps PET bottles on a corrugated pad at a speed of 36000 products per hour.
Four complete lines sold to a British multinational pharmaceutical company 20/12/2012
After having equipped the group with packaging machines for pharmaceutical products, Cermex has once again been selected for its end of line expertise with an order for four VersaFilm® high-speed shrink-wrappers to form packs of energy drinks.

The first shrink-wrapper, already installed on site, loads the products into shrink-wrapped trays, the three other machines shrink-wrap the PET bottles on single, double or triple lanes.

Case packing of flexible pouches 27/11/2012
Changes in lifestyle and commitments to Sustainable Development have prompted multinational manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of packaging by developing solutions for product refills in flexible pouches which are economical, eco-friendly and limit storage volumes.
Cermex has recently delivered an AN numerical-axis gantry packer to one of its customers to load refills of cosmetic products. Collated positively by a racetrack collator, the products are positioned top to tail in the packaging by rotating the gripping head 180° every alternate cycle. The arrangement of the pouches is consequently optimized while evenly distributing the weight in the case.
Latest Cermex innovation: 100% collaborative robot palletizing unit 27/11/2012
On show at the ‘Industrie’ trade fair in Paris in February and officially launched at Emballage, the first collaborative robot integrated into a combined case packing and palletizing unit has been sold to handle packets of coffee. An SW side loading case packer collates the products in batches of six or twelve and loads them into RSC. Palletizing is carried out by a PR unit which integrates risk-free 100% collaborative human/robot operation, without interrupting the flow. The operator can work safely in the robot enclosure because laser scanners continuously analyze the operator’s position in order to automatically trigger an adjustment in the robot speed.

Cermex Beijing and its customers: a win-win relationship 27/11/2012
To automate the case packing operation on its existing production lines, in 2011 a major pharmaceutical company purchased the first SB27 manufactured in Beijing by Cermex. The company has just ordered another machine for the same factory for a new complete line that will be delivered at the end of 2012.
Successful début for the new TSB shrink-wrapper 27/11/2012
Launched early 2012, the new ‘made-in-Beijing’ shrink-wrapper has got off to a successful start. Several major manufacturers of bottled water in China are now using the TSB. At the end of 2012, ten or so machines will have left our assembly halls.
A Cermex solution for every need 10/10/2012
A multinational detergent manufacturer has ordered two production lines for its plant in Saudi Arabia.
Plastic bottles in six sizes from 250ml to 750ml will be case packed at a speed of 330 products per minute on a line composed of an F38 case erector, an AN70 numerical-axis gantry packer and a C64 case gluer. The customer has also ordered a P342 palletizer to complete the line.

At a lower speed of 180 products per minute, but in line with the requirement for a smaller footprint, a second line will load containers (in sizes from one to four liters) into RSC on a compact multi-function SD69 top loading case packer.

By proposing the widest range of packaging machines on the market, Cermex meets a large variety of customer requirements in terms of speed, footprint and packaging flexibility.
Significant economic growth in Brazil 10/10/2012
Brazil’s economy has been growing steadily for several years. This is demonstrated by the number of machines sold by Cermex since the beginning of 2012, soon to be installed in the regions of Sao Paulo, Cajamar, Vinhedo and Amparo.

The machinery has been ordered by multinationals as well as key players in the Brazilian market.

Here are some examples:
  • Top loading numerical-axis case packers for loading deodorants into RSC at a speed of 250 products per minute. A special gripping head equipped with a sliding system loads a complete batch of 24 bottles in one cycle.
  • Seven sizes of unstable cosmetic bottles fitted with caps or dosage pumps are handled in pucks on an AN70 gantry packer at a speed of 270 products per minute.
  • Shrink-wrapping of glass bottles of alcopop: a first machine shrink-wraps a batch of six bottles and the second machine collates the six-count batches into packs of four.
  • A case erecting – packing – palletizing line for handling two-liter bottles of fabric conditioner at 120 products per minute.
  • A complete case packing and palletizing line equipped with a DiviSlat lane divider for handling individual detergent bottles collated by 24, or four shrink-wrapped packs of six products in RSC at a speed of 440 products per minute.
  • Nine sizes of cosmetic bottles with caps or dosage pumps handled in pucks on an AN70 gantry packer at a speed of 200 products per minute

Collation of flexible products by a 6-axis Delta robot 10/10/2012
Widely integrated into applications for loading products at high speed, the 6-axis parallel robot is also perfectly adapted to collating flexible products. With a recent order, Cermex has demonstrated its capacity to propose a customized collating system for each type of product.

Creating batches of non-geometric deformable bags prior to high speed loading is a delicate operation. Cermex has consequently chosen to integrate a 6-axis Delta robot specifically for product collation in this sanitary towel line. The robot manipulator grips the products in twos so as to collate them in batches of six on a first station then continues to collate a second batch on a second station while the first batch is transferred into a wrap around blank. Blank forming is automated by a WB45 wrap around case packer.
Delivery of the first two VersaFilm seamless shrink-wrappers 22/11/2011
Nested PackTwo VF5MF4 VersaFilm® shrink-wrappers were delivered in October to one of the leading bottlers in the USA. The 2 machines will shrink-wrap 500ml bottles of mineral water in packs without corrugated supports in standard collations as well as nested packs of 24, 32 and 35 bottles.

Nested packs offer advantages in terms of quality and cost:
  • Improved pack stability
  • Reduction in secondary packaging costs by eliminating corrugated supports: tray, u-board or pad
  • Optimization and strengthening of pallets (increase in the number of bottles/pallet, improved stability)
Cermex has demonstrated its expertise by proposing an innovative cost-efficient, high-quality shrink-bundling solution in line with a sustainable development program to protect the environment and reduce waste.
  • No waste sorting as only one packaging material is used
  • Reduction in packaging waste (PET, PEBD, corrugated board, glue)
  • Reduction in carbon footprint (less CO² emissions)

Continuous wrap around case packing of mineral water and fruit juice 22/11/2011
A VersaWrap® continuous wrap around packer was sold in Indonesia for loading small bottles of fruit juice into complete wrap around cases. This machine will run at a speed of 48 000 products/hour, i.e. 33 cycles/min.

A VersaCombi® machine (a spin-off from the VersaWrap® fitted with a shrink-wrapping module) will be dispatched to Vietnam for loading bottles of mineral water. This machine will produce shrink-wrapped packs, with or without corrugated supports, as well as load products into complete wrap around cases.
2 complete lines for Veuve Ambal 02/11/2011
Expert in sparkling wines for more than 100 years, Veuve Ambal has once again put its trust in Cermex to deliver in February 2012 two complete lines running at 6000 and 12000 bottles/hour for its plant in Beaune.

The challenges:
  • Increase of speeds on site
  • Improvement in the flow of bottles, cases, pallets
  • Installation in a reduced footprint
  • Optimization of resources on the line
  • Wide flexibility: 25cl bottle to Magnum and more than 20 collations
The scope of supply:

Solution integrating
  • Case erectors
  • Bottle lane dividers
  • Top loading and ‘flip-flap’ case packers
  • Case gluers
  • Layer by layer palletizers
  • Pallet stretch-wrapper

Cermex shrink-wrappers exported to Trinidad and Tobago 13/07/2011
Shrinkwrapper Cermex in Trinidad and TobagoWith the sale of a TSP3 to the Caribbean Bottlers group for shrink-wrapping carbonated drinks, Cermex is making the most of the local market boom on these two islands lying off the coast of Venezuela.

The machine will demonstrate great flexibility in terms of the number of product collations handled (collations ranging from 4 to 24 bottles) as well as the type of secondary packaging: shrink-wrapped packs with or without corrugated pad for a wide range of PET bottles of Coca Cola.

The world leader in the food industry chooses Cermex for its global end of line expertise 13/07/2011
end of line to pack jars of baby foodCermex is soon to install a complete end of line to pack jars of baby food for a leading multinational company.
This multi-packing line, integrating a Paker cluster pack machine upstream from a Cermex TSP3 CCO BW, will shrink-wrap loose products in trays as well as cluster packs in trays.
Shrink-wrappers ordered by Sobragui in New Guinea 13/07/2011
Shrinkwrappers Cermex in GuineaSobragui is the largest beverage producer in its geographical sector. It produces beer and soft drinks including sodas in various flavors. The group has purchased 2 machines from Cermex to shrink-wrap packs of cans with or without a corrugated pad (machine reference TSP2 CLP BW) and load the packs into trays.

Numerical-axis Gantry Packer on a roll 03/12/2010
Whether it be for loading bottles of wash liquid, shampoo or mayonnaise, aerosols of deodorant, or bottles of whisky or sparking wine, the trend is for numerically controlled loading solutions to reach high speeds. The capacity of the Cermex AN to adapt to all markets has lead to orders for more than 10 machines in 4 months.
4 new shrink-wrappers for a leading multinational in the food industry 03/12/2010
No less than 4 machines have been sold in as many months to a leading multinational in the food industry for its plants in France, Switzerland, Venezuela and Ghana to shrink-wrap glass jars or metal cans in packs with or without flat boards. This renewed trust illustrates Cermex expertise in shrink-wrapping.
Cermex proposes a new format of nested packs for one of its American customers 03/12/2010
Cermex has developed 2 shrink-wrappers without sealing bar for an American giant in bottled water. These machines handle several formats of water in nested symmetrical or asymmetrical packs. This configuration of 3 or 4 rows of alternated bottles offers the following advantages:
  • Improved pack stability
  • No need for cardboard trays or pads
  • Optimized and strengthened pallet loads
  • Film thickness can be reduced
  • Originality of the pack shape (symmetrical and asymmetrical)
In addition to nested packs, these 2 machines also form standard packs, with or without cardboard support as well as stack trays prior to shrink-wrapping.

Cermex consequently reinforces its expertise and asserts its capacity to imagine perfectly adapted technical solutions for its customers.
Cermex acclaimed by contract packers 03/12/2010
In addition to its constant innovation program in particular on the new range of VersaFilm® shrink-wrappers without seal, Cermex continues to propose flexible packaging solutions for contract packers as illustrated a recent order for 5 shrink-wrappers: 4 CP18 and 1 TSF in France, Russia, Ivory Coast, Congo and Algeria, designed to pack cosmetics, alcoholic beverages or tinned food.
Cermex reinforces its position in Africa 03/12/2010
No less than 15 machines have been sold in 4 months in Africa: Congo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Senegal, Gabon, Ghana, Cameroon, Algeria and Tunisia.

Ten of the machines will shrink-wrap plastic bottles of water or carbonated drinks, the five other machines will shink-wrap cosmetics.
Cermex expertise in palletization 03/12/2010
Cermex has taken 11 orders for machines designed to palletize naked products, shrink-wrapped packs or RSC in various sectors. These machines include layer by layer, 4-axis and robotic palletizers.

Cermex hence consolidates its position as leader in palletization.
Tea market boom 03/12/2010
Tea is by far the most consumed beverage in the world and the biggest names in the industry are Cermex customers. Cermex expertise in this sector was once again acknowledged with the order of 4 machines:

  • A WB45 wrap around case packer and a P9 4-axis palletizer for a customer in Thailand.
  • A P4 layer by layer palletizer for a customer in Shanghai which will be manufactured locally.
  • A BC combined tray packer + lid fitter for loading tea bag cartons into shelf-ready packaging.
Case loading for tissues: complete expertise showcased recently 31/05/2010
Whatever the geographical area (Italy, Egypt, Australia), whatever the type of primary packaging (cartons or multipacks), whatever the type of secondary packaging (RSC, half cases + lid or trays + lid), Cermex has an international technical expertise, as illustrated by recent orders.

The TS range of shrink-wrappers without seal on a worldwide conquest 31/05/2010
The start of this year saw an order intake for TS shrink-wrappers in far-flung territories (Kazakhstan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Congo, Cameroon, Ecuador, Jamaica).
This is proof of the spread of shrink-wrap packaging and the requirement for automation whatever the local context.
6 new machines for breweries 31/05/2010
Following on from 4 machines installed during the first term in Greece, Russia, and Nigeria, 6 new machines have been sold for case loading (complete line with case former, case packer and case gluer) as well as shrink-wrapping without seal.
These new references will be delivered to Cambodia, Cameroon and Nigeria.
Stand Up Pouches win over new markets 31/05/2010
In total, more than 25 billion Doypack stand-up pouches were produced worldwide in 2009. Originally with a rectangular silhouette, the stand up pouch has developed towards the appearance of a bust with a sealed neck and screw cap.

Cermex has recently sold several machines to handle such pouches:
  • 2 BC54 tray packing and lid fitting machines for loading stand up pouches,
  • 1 WB45 wrap around case packer for loading fruit puree in squeezable pouches with caps, either individually or in cartons of 4
  • 1 SD69 robot case packer for loading personal care Doypacks into RSC
Major activity in AN gantry packers with numerical axes 31/05/2010
5 new AN modules have just been ordered. They add to the fifteen already in production for loading products ranging from home and personal care products to bottles of spirits, illustrating the reliability and adaptability of this type of equipment.
A magnificent line for handling bottles of perfume 11/02/2010
2 SW+PR combined case packing and palletizing modules have been sold to a multinational in the cosmetics industry in France.
This complete line is designed to convey the cartons at the outfeed of the cellophane wrapping machine and detect non-compliant cartons, collate them, form the cases and load the cartons, seal the cases with adhesive tape and label them, eject non-compliant cases, palletize the cases as well as stock cases during pallet changeover.
France invests 11/02/2010
No less than 25 machines sold in France in 3 months for automating lines handling various products: 3 F3 case erectors – 1 CP18 shrink-wrapper – 1 SF30 top loading case packer – 5 WB45 wrap around case packers – 1 SW case packer – 1 E460 case packer – 2 WB25 wrap around case packers – a complete line made up of an F387, an E460 and a C651 – a line made up of an F387 case erector and an AN gantry packer – 2 BB45 wrap around tray packers – 1 P9 palletizer – 2 SW21-PR5 combined case packing and palletizing modules – 1 EP50 case packing and palletizing module.
Robustness of Cermex machinery 11/02/2010

A French company has just ordered a case erector for forming RSC to replace a previous Cermex machine that was 27 years old.
2 new machines for a multinational leader in the food industry 11/02/2010
An SW wrap around case packer designed to load flowpacks or cartons of biscuits into corrugated blanks will soon be delivered to Canada.
An F385 case erector designed to form RSC composed of 2 pre-assembled half cases; this machine and its magazine assembled on rollers are destined to automate a chocolate production line.
New Cermex installations in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) 22/12/2009
In Brazil:
  • A continuous wrap-around case packer handling pots of mayonnaise and 2 WB45 wrap around case packers for loading bottles of edible oil.
  • An F386 case erector for forming RSC and two complete lines composed of a case erector, gantry packer and gluer, one for handling bottles of shampoo and the other for handling deodorants.
  • A P911 palletizer handling cases of soap.
  • An E732 semi-automatic case packer for loading cartons of cosmetics into high-sided trays.
In Russia:
  • A BC52 tray packer/lid fitter for loading cartons of tea into trays and a TSF shrink-wrapper with manual loading for forming promotional packs of cylindrical cans of beer.
In India:
  • An order for 6 high-speed lines at 350 products per minute for shrink-wrapping bottles and loading cartons reinforces the expansion strategy in this country following the recruitment of a service engineer this year.
In China:
  • An SB37 case packer will soon be installed in Shanghai for loading powdered baby milk.
  • Fourteen P432 palletizers have also been sold this year, bringing the total number of machines installed in China to nearly a hundred.

Cermex in Thailand 22/12/2009
Cermex is going to equip an end of line for a company in the Thai Bev Group in Thailand with an F386 case erector, an E456 case packer and a C641 case gluer for handling glass bottles.
Cermex in Turkey 22/12/2009
Based on the success of the commissioning for a first high-speed line (60 000 bottles/hour), this leader in the Turkish market for mineral water, has confirmed a new order.
This 2000th shrink-wrapper sold by Cermex will be integrated into a PET 0.5 liter line with a nominal production of 48 000 bottles/hour.
Growing market in Africa 22/12/2009
A water bottling company in Angola has ordered 2 TS shrink-wrappers without seal to shrink-wrap packs of plastic bottles of water on a cardboard pad.
Two WB45 case packers will load the bottles into wrap around blanks.

There are now more than 300 Cermex machines installed in Africa.
Cermex in India 20/07/2009
Cermex has just received an order from a leader in the personal care industry in India. The project involves 6 high-speed lines at 350 products/min for shrink-wrapping bottles and loading cartons.
This reinforces the expansion strategy in India following the recruitment of a service engineer earlier this year.
Pepsi China 20/07/2009
Cermex has an additional reference in the Pepsi group in China following the sale of an 8th shrink-wrapper. This machine is destined for a high-speed line (46 800 bph).
Multinational group still loyal to Cermex 09/07/2009
With its meticulous follow-up, Cermex secures the loyalty of its key accounts.
No less than 13 machines sold to Venezuela since January. The customer has equipped its biscuit carton lines with two SF38 bottom loading case packers, 8 SW side loading case packers and 3 P911 4-axis palletizers.

Two WB45 wrap around case packers will be installed in Australia to handle cartons and flat-bottomed bags of cereal. These two machines will be equipped with a high-capacity motorized horizontal magazine.

For loading cans of powered milk, 2 WB45 wrap around case packers are going to be delivered to Iran. The machine speed will be 275 products per minute.

To shrink-wrap and palletize packs of PET bottles of water, the Nigerian factory will be equipped with a TSM shrink-wrapper without sealing bar and a P432 palletizer.
6 machines sold to the Unilever group for its food as well as home and personal care factories 09/07/2009
Two BC52 tray+lid packers identical to 6 machines already installed were ordered recently for loading cartons of tea in Russia. This order brings the number of Cermex machines in this factory to 18.

Two machines ordered for the UK: a F387 case erector for forming RSC and a WB25 wrap around case packer for loading plastic tubs containing doses of washing liquid into corrugated blanks.

In Australia, a WB45 wrap around case packer will load multipacks of aerosol deodorants into corrugated blanks. This machine is similar to the one already installed in this factory.

A BC52 tray packer/lid fitter for the Le Meux site in France loads cardboard cartons of toothpaste in multipacks into 2-piece cases.
Cermex reinforces its position in the pharmaceutical industry 09/07/2009
The major pharmaceutical laboratories have again trusted Cermex; a dozen machines sold in France in particular but also in Spain, Brazil and USA:
  • A WB25 wrap around case packer to load cellophaned packs of 10 Petri dishes on edge at a speed of 900 packs per hour.
  • Three compact SW side loading case packers to load cartons of medicine into RSC.
  • Four SB27 side loading case packers to load bottles in cartons into RSC.
  • A WB45 wrap around case packer to load rectangular plastic bottles of mouthwash into corrugated blanks.
  • A BB25 tray packer collates cartons on edge into asymmetrical display trays. These trays are then collated and loaded into RSC and palletized by an EP40 case packing and palletizing module. A case labelling system is integrated into this machine.
Cermex in Iraq 09/07/2009
Two TS shrink-wrappers for packing bottles of mineral water and two P4 palletizers for palletizing packs have been sold to a customer in Iraq.
Reckitt Benckiser Spain 09/07/2009
With this new order from this major manufacturer of wash powder in Spain, Cermex confirms the versatility of its shrink-wrappers that are able to adapt to all types of products and speed.
Cevital 09/07/2009
National leader in the food industry, Cevital renews its trust in Cermex with the purchase of a new shrink-wrapper for its oil line. The company produces vegetable oil and fat, white refined sugar and margarine. It has grown rapidly and has a special relationship with Cermex illustrated by the sale of the 10th machine in 10 years.
Cermex asserts its presence on the Chinese market 02/03/2009
16 machines were sold in China in 2008: a P432 palletizer for bottles of mineral water, 2 SB27 case packers for loading cosmetics into RSC and 13 shrink-wrappers mainly in the beverage industry.
With the opening of its Chinese subsidiary in July 2008, Cermex has reinforced its image and presence in Northern Asia.
Cermex expertise in tinned food 02/03/2009
With a view to optimizing its production as well as modernizing its lines, La Costena, a major group in Mexico specialized in the manufacture of tinned food, has ordered 3 new machines. Cermex expertise in stacking tins or product trays on the same machine was decisive in the customer’s choice.
Drink responsibly! 02/03/2009
No less than 18 machines sold to the wine industry will be installed early 2009 for loading bottles or bag-in-box products. The Castel group has ordered 8 machines, including an E460 top loading case packer and a C641 case gluer handling either individual bottles or cartons of 4 bottles on the same machine by means of simple adjustments. A distributor designed to positively divide bottles and cartons onto 4 lanes guarantees noise reduction and label protection. Two other lines will be equipped with 2 SF38 bottom loading case packers for loading bag-in-box products in collations of 4 into RSC.
Shelf-Ready Packaging 02/03/2009
In the race to reduce costs, Shelf-Ready Packaging is invading the supermarket shelves.
  • For loading caster sugar doypacks with cap into trays and palletize the trays, Cermex has installed a complete line composed of an SW21 case packer, a C241 lid fitter and a PR53 palletizing robot which also inserts layer cards.
  • For loading bags of coffee on 4 production lines, the solution proposed to Prima in Poland was 4 identical BC54 tray packing and lidding machines designed to fit a lid to the batch of bags and transfer the batch into a display tray.
Combined Case Packing and Palletization 02/03/2009
To meet compact layout requirements, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, Cermex has developed combined case packing and palletizing Units juxtaposing an SW side loading module or an SD top loading module with a P5 palletizing module. Orders have already been placed by several customers including Sanofi in Normandy. The SW21 module will load cartons of blisters into RSC. Palletization will be carried out by the P5 module which integrates a labeller.
Success: Strong development in the Middle East 00/00/0000
Despite extremely varied socio-political and economic situations, Middle Eastern countries have industrial growth in common. The countries traditionally dependent on oil and tourism are joining the countries already involved in manufacturing globalization. Cermex is keeping a close track of the development in requirements in this part of the world to be able to fully meet the needs of multinationals or local companies for new installations or re-engineering.

Latest Cermex sales in the Middle East
  • Saudi Arabia: 1 WB wrap around case packer for plastic containers of motor oil
  • Egypt: 1 TS shrink-wrapper for packs of small bottles of milk
  • Iraq: 1 DiviSlat lane divider for a previously installed line handling bottles of mineral water
  • Israel: 2 TS shrink-wrappers for shrink-wrapped packs of jars of gherkins
  • Turkey: Mineral water: 2 P4 palletizers for bottles - conveying system on a previously installed line for shrink-wrapped packs - 1 TS shrink-wrapper for packs

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