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VersaFilm®: technological breakthrough in shrink-wrapping without sealing bar

Cermex is presenting its new range of shrink-wrappers without sealing bar: VersaFilm®. With the TS range of machines, characterized by regular innovations, Cermex already has a well-earned reputation in shrink-wrapping. However, with the VersaFilm® range, the technological leap offers users unequalled added value. The design of the range based on a principle of modular architecture and various technical developments offers advantages in terms of costs and lead times. More innovative, more quickly available, less costly to acquire and maintain, the solutions of the new VersaFilm® range illustrate once again Cermex's overall expertise in end of line automation.

The modular architecture revolution

The design of the VersaFilm® range is based on a principle of modular architecture. This breakthrough offers advantages in terms of quality of the shrink-wrapping solution as well as its industrialization, with savings in development time and costs.
Fundamentally, the VersaFilm® range is divided into three functions: product infeed, selection and lapping, film shrinking in a heat tunnel. Instead of thinking in terms of a "machine" solution, modular architecture considers each function separately, which in the end increases tenfold the overall added value.
After analyzing the specification, Cermex comes up with a solution that is based on the combination of 3 optimized modules. These modules are comprised of carefully selected sub-assemblies that already exist within the technical database. Advanced standardization, with a 25% reduction in components and parts, limits costs and maintenance.

Two major consequences for users

Simplified maintenance
Beyond the overall reduction in the number of parts in order to optimize repair work and spare parts inventory management, the added value of the VersaFilm® design is evident in terms of maintenance.
The modular design and the addition of numerous servo-drives have lead to the removal of a large number of transmission chains, and consequently the disappearance of recurring lubricating operations. In addition, the collating and lapping bars, which still require a traditional drive system, are equipped with a new generation of maintenance-free chains.
Another advantage is the simplicity in dismantling the infeed and lapping belts, which can be carried out by a single operator, instead of two beforehand.

Renewed ergonomics
The streamlined kinematics and improved machine visibility (clutter-free concept) facilitate the operator's work. The suspended, articulated, ultra-thin control panel is more accessible and less cumbersome.
The fully-transparent clean-design safety guards include ergonomic sliding doors.

Innovations inherited from the TS family

In addition to the breakthrough design principle of the VersaFilm® range, most of the sub-assemblies have been re-engineered. The innovation initiative began in early 2010 for certain sub-assemblies integrated into the TS family. The innovations have been carried forward to the new range of shrink-wrappers without sealing bar presented by Cermex.

An injection table with increased performance

Totally accessible, the whole rack is removable and maintenance is tool-free. The scope of film thickness is widened to 27 to 80 microns. Factory settings require no future adjustments, whatever the film thickness used. The injection table is servo-driven in a compact footprint.

A new intuitive control system

The Human/Machine Interface, the PLC and the axis cards of the new control system are sourced from the same supplier. Uniformity in the origin of components guarantees reliable and simplified diagnoses and procurement with a reduction in maintenance cost into the bargain.
Plug-and-play components facilitate replacement. Once the new component is in place, the firmware upgrade and program transfer are automatic.

D.I.S.: patented system for automatic film reel changeover without stopping the machine

Exclusive to Cermex, the Dual Injection System (D.I.S.) enables the machine to run continuously and hence achieve total production. Reel changeover is carried out thanks to an injection system with independent dual heads. It does away with machine stoppage and the need for operator presence during permutation. The operator's only role is to prepare a new reel that can be done while the machine is still running with the previous film reel. Changeover time is consequently reduced to a minimum, so as to optimize the equipment managing the accumulation upstream from the shrink-wrapper.

SFR: a patented regulated flow selection system, with changeovers taking less than a minute

Its exclusive size range accommodates product formats ranging from 55 to 124 mm and 25cl to 3L. A unique cassette reduces the format changeover time to less than a minute, with a very quick return to nominal speed. Managing the cassette with servomotors increases the accuracy of adjustments. Thanks to the superior reliability, the time saving and the ergonomics of the solution, the return on investment of the SFR system is guaranteed when three or more formats are handled on the same machine.

An ergonomic intuitive touch-screen Human/Machine Interface
The HMI pilots the shrink-wrapper and supervises the production functions via navigation with 3D depiction. It gives access to all the machine parameters, including visualization and modification of motor data. The follow-up of parameters is done in real time. Its Compact Flash slot makes it very easy to enter or save data. A Modem link enables remote diagnosis and assistance for the shrink-wrapper. Exclusive to Cermex, these services are free throughout the machine life cycle.

An optimized shrink tunnel

Re-designing the insulation and air circulation has generated a 10% saving in power consumption. This considerable improvement is a contribution from the GreenUP eco-behaviour and sustainable development program.

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