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 FlexiCase™: multi-function top loading case packer
 FlexiCase™: multi-function top loading case packer  FlexiCase™: multi-function top loading case packer  FlexiCase™: multi-function top loading case packer  FlexiCase™: multi-function top loading case packer FlexiCase™: multi-function top loading case packer

FlexiCase™: a new multi-function, top loading case packer specially designed for the personal and home care markets

Cermex has expanded its product range to better serve the personal and home care markets. The new FlexiCase™ multi-function, top loading case packer (forming - loading - sealing) is one of the most efficient solutions on the market when considering speed, footprint, and packaging size range criteria. With a speed of 40 cases per minute, 20m² footprint and extensive scope in products/cases handled, Cermex has enhanced its product portfolio for the packing of plastic bottles of all sizes, shape and strength into RSCs. Seventeen servomotors for the various functions ensure remarkable fluidity and accuracy, guaranteeing product and packaging integrity.

A complete range specially adapted for plastic bottles

Plastic bottles of variable shape and behavior, such as shower gel, shampoo and liquid detergent bottles, present specific challenges when automating the RSC loading operation. In addition, the industrial context is dominated by a threefold requirement: high speed, minimum machine footprint and a very wide packaging/product collation size range.

Manufacturers, according to their process and the context of their installation, will either give priority to one of these three requirements or demand a system which combines high-performance solutions for these three criteria.
In the first case, Cermex proposes tried and tested solutions where the priority is either a very high speed (3 combined modules: F3 case erector, AN case packer and C6 case gluer), or a very small footprint (SD top loading case packer family), both solutions having wide format possibilities.

With the FlexiCase™, Cermex proposes a high-performance intermediate solution which provides the best combination of market requirements in terms of high speed, small footprint and wide packaging range.

A successful blend

Based on existing modules in the range or benefiting from specific developments, the FlexiCase™ functions are both innovative in the technology used and modern in design.

Choice in product handling systems

Several product collating modules can be associated with the FlexiCase™, with the choice of either Stop & Go or continuous technology, according to speed and bottle criteria.

Compact vertical forming

The forming function had to fit into a small footprint while still being able to form up to 40 cases per minute. Mission accomplished! The footprint has been divided by 3 compared to a traditional horizontal forming solution. The cases are extracted vertically and descend positively via a chute to be opened and then transferred to the lower flap sealing station. Six servomotors hold and guide the cases to completely safeguard the process. At a level of 900 mm, the case magazine is very ergonomic in order to facilitate reloading by the operator.

Multi-case packing to reduce the loading speed

Depending on the case dimensions, 1 to X cases are packed at a time (usually 1 to 3). This configuration reduces the packing speed by handling a maximum number of products and cases at the same time with a slower movement. Without reducing the overall speed of the machine and the line, the Cermex FlexiCase™ consequently limits the risks inherent to the critical product-to-packaging phase (gripping/transfer/loading).
The FlexiCase™ is equipped with a Cermex numerical axis gantry, associated with a simple, lightweight gripping tooling. Totally modular, the machine offers the possibility of integrating third-party polyarticulated robots.

Upper flap sealing with case squaring guaranteed
Three servomotors and a positive lateral-band drive facilitate the kinematics of the hot melt gluing operation to obtain perfect case folding, squaring and pressing while eliminating bumping. A sealing alternative using adhesive tape is also available.

A well thought-out machine for the benefit of the user

The new Cermex packer has a cantilever structure allowing walk-in access into the heart of the machine.

Its modular logic can also be found in the automation and control structure. Developed in compliance with the OMAC standard (Organization for Machine Automation and Control), all of the functions making up the packer are broken down into autonomous sub-programs to facilitate machine operation and maintenance. The input menu of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is in line with this logic. The 17 servomotors integrated into the machine not only provide smooth and accurate movements, they also make adjustments and optimization easier.

Options are available to facilitate use or help control consumption:

  • Anticorrosion pack, essential for caustic products
  • Automation pack for format changeovers
  • Green packs to reduce air and power consumption.
The FlexiCase™ will have its world première at the 2012 International Packaging Exhibition (Paris Villepinte – 19 to 22 November). Based on the same philosophy, the model for wrap around case packing is currently being developed.

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