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PalDesigner®: configuration and simulation tool for palletizing solutions

PalDesigner®, offers a new capacity to simulate, test and validate the configuration of a palletizing solution and its future developments, in particular in terms of new formats to be handled.

This software solution is used in the pre-contracting and design phases by the technical teams of the Palletizing Business Unit in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (former Newtec site) as well as throughout the machine life cycle by the end user.

At the start of a project, PalDesigner® participates in defining and calibrating the appropriate technical solution through the stages of calculation, speed validation and 3D simulation of the working principle. In addition, the end user can create new formats by entering directly the palletizing data (product dimensions, type of pallets, palletizing patterns, etc.) allowing the palletizing solution to evolve in the future.

 Each additional format is checked and optimized automatically by the software before being simulated in 3D. Once all these validations and checks have been carried out, the data and settings are injected into the machine parameters.

As a tool that is integrated directly into the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the palletizer, PalDesigner® goes beyond the sphere of design/development to offer a service to industrialists during the palletizer’s operating life.

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