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Collaborative Robotics
Collaborative Robotics Collaborative Robotics - Yellow zone Collaborative Robotics - Orange zone Collaborative Robotics - Red zone

Collaborative robotics: a 100% interactive human/machine relationship

The PR robot palletizer, integrates risk-free machine operation that is 100% collaborative between the operator and the robot, without stopping the flow.

100 % interaction between the operator and the robot

The PR is a 2-station robot palletizing unit. This new version integrates a solution for 100% interactive machine operation. The position of the operator in relation to the robot triggers the machine to slow down, then stop. Laser scanners continually analyze the position of the operator in the enclosure in order to automatically adjust the robot speed.

This system is auto-activated as soon as the operator enters the enclosure. The door slides alternately so as to only block the station where loading is being carried out, leaving clear and direct access to the second station for interventions such as pallet infeed or removal.
Three zones have been defined within the enclosure of the palletizing unit, each one determining the appropriate reaction of the robot after detecting operator presence:

  • yellow zone: audio and luminous warning when a risk zone is approached
  • orange zone: automatic reduction in the robot speed
  • red zone: automatic safety stop of the robot
This interaction functions as long as the operator is present inside the enclosure, as he/she enters as well as he/she exits. The robot reduces its speed on operator entry and resumes functioning as zones are liberated.

The PR palletizing unit consequently runs with absolute fluidity, increased safety and a saving in operation intervention time.

Other advantages include extremely simplified equipment familiarization and a 10% reduction in footprint by optimizing required safety distances. Developed in collaboration with the CEntre for Technology and Innovation Management (CETIM), the new-generation PR palletizing unit is a veritable breath of fresh air whilst remaining fully compliant with machine directive 2006-42-CE and international regulation EN ISO 13849-2.

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