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EvoFlex™: 11/09/2013
Flexible, efficient and the fastest in its category: introducing EvoFlex™, the next generation of palletizing technology.With the global launch of the EvoFlex™ palletizing range, historic packaging expert Gebo, part of the newly formed Gebo Cermex Group, is pointing the way towards the industry’s future. Designed to offer optimal flexibility, EvoFlex™ high speed palletizer can handle any and all types of products and secondary packaging, with a single-column design, double lifting unit and floor level infeed which sets it apart from dual-column and robotic alternatives. And what’s more, EvoFlex™ is the fastest palletizing system of its category, capable of processing up to twelve layers per minute. Already sold to key bottlers in USA, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, the EvoFlex™ [...]
Only at Drinktec: Innovations for 2013 on the VersaFilm® range 11/09/2013
The VersaFilm® range of seamless shrink-wrappers was an immediate success when first launched in 2010. More than fifty of the machines are already up and running on all five continents, and now, just five months after the Gebo Cermex merger, Cermex has once again demonstrated its capacity to innovate at the end of the packing line. The VersaFilm® family has been upgraded, and now offers better handling at high speeds and improved pack quality with multi-lane applications. Building on the initial strengths of the range, such as its modular design and optimized lead times of just 10 weeks (standard machines only, not including run-in), Cermex has introduced new developments to increase the machine’s efficiency. It is now even easier to [...]
Cermex expands its industrial network in Asia with the opening of a plant in India 10/06/2013
Barely one month after its integration in the new Gebo Cermex unit, Cermex is pursuing its strategy of industrial presence in emerging markets. The city of Pune, in western India, is home to this new plant, five years after the opening of the Beijing plant. With this project, Cermex confirms its ambition to develop industrial sites in the most economically dynamic areas. It also wants to have engineering and customer service functions near where our customers need them. To start with, Cermex is assembling three models of machines in Pune, from each major family of its product line, including one that was also designed in India. The team, which was put in place in late 2011, is supported by a [...]
FlexiCase™: a new multi-function, top loading case packer specially designed for the personal and home care markets 23/10/2012
Cermex has expanded its product range to better serve the personal and home care markets. The new FlexiCase™ multi-function, top loading case packer (forming - loading - sealing) is one of the most efficient solutions on the market when considering speed, footprint, and packaging size range criteria. With a speed of 40 cases per minute, 20m² footprint and extensive scope in products/cases handled, Cermex has enhanced its product portfolio for the packing of plastic bottles of all sizes, shape and strength into RSCs. Seventeen servomotors for the various functions ensure remarkable fluidity and accuracy, guaranteeing product and packaging integrity.Plastic bottles of variable shape and behavior, such as shower gel, shampoo and liquid detergent bottles, present specific challenges when automating the [...]
PalDesigner®: configuration and simulation tool for palletizing solutions 12/09/2012
PalDesigner®, offers a new capacity to simulate, test and validate the configuration of a palletizing solution and its future developments, in particular in terms of new formats to be handled. This software solution is used in the pre-contracting and design phases by the technical teams of the Palletizing Business Unit in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre (former Newtec site) as well as throughout the machine life cycle by the end user.At the start of a project, PalDesigner® participates in defining and calibrating the appropriate technical solution through the stages of calculation, speed validation and 3D simulation of the working principle. In addition, the end user can create new formats by entering directly the palletizing data (product dimensions, type of pallets, palletizing patterns, etc.) allowing [...]

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