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Cermex, key player in the Packaging sector, has implemented various actions within all its business units and subsidiaries in order to demonstrate its commitment to Sustainable Development based on 3 premises: Protect - Reduce - Sustain.

We will add regularly to the list below of Cermex winning gambles in this field.

Kit to increase electrical and pneumatic performance: 17/04/2012
  • Motor performance improved by installing a new combination of motor and gear reducer: better output resulting in a 40% saving in energy consumption.
  • Use of LED lamps instead of incandescent light bulbs: service life increased and energy consumption halved
  • Reduction in losses relating to the vacuum supply: addition of a regulator to reduce air flow by 11%
Output and productivity sustained
Machine standby kit: 17/04/2012
  • Hibernation function if the line is stopped: major saving for lifting (motors) and conveying functions
  • More intelligent machine: capacity to go into standby mode without operator intervention
  • Return to production: quick machine start-up, with no loss in productivity
Simple and cost-efficient installation
Adhesive melter kit: 17/04/2012
  • Use of low melt glue: 16% reduction in energy consumption and 22% reduction in heating time, improved resistance to heating (no “caramelizing” of glue)
  • Supply of better insulated glue guns: reduction in losses by radiance and improved safety (against burns) for the operator
  • Reduction in the quantity of glue used: more accurate application and dotted lines instead of continuous strips for a 40% saving in glue consumption
Identical mechanical performance (peel strength) and quick return on investment
16% reduction in non-recyclable waste 24/02/2011
  • Optimization of machine trials
  • Organization of sorting and recycling
  • Improvement of ratio between recycled waste and non recyclable waste
Reduction in yearly gas and electricity consumption from 2008 to 2012 24/02/2011
  • Improvement in insulation and natural lighting in 2 production halls
  • Renovation of 8 000 m² of roofing
  • Optimization of heating periods
Elimination of cardboard pads or trays thanks to nested packs 24/02/2011
Automation of:
  • Biodegradable film
  • Compostable film made from renewable resources
  • Film made from recycled production scraps
  • Film as thin as 20 µm
Implementation of a complete green machine pack 24/02/2011
  • 30% reduction in heat tunnel electrical consumption
  • Machine standby mode activated during waiting time
  • Improvement in conveying performance
  • Reduction in consumables and energy on hot-melt glue generators
  • Energy optimization in the selection of machine components
1st R&D development with CeTIM certification 24/02/2011
  • R&D development as per standardized eco-design method ref. Pr NF E01-005
  • Identification of the environmental profile of products by ATEP V2 standardized eco-design software
  • Implementation of indicators measuring environmental impact before and during design phases
Biodegradable film and reduction in thickness 02/06/2010
The new range of shrink-wrappers without seal is now able to handle biodegradable film or film manufactured from recycled material.

In addition, thanks to the new injection table in particular, the minimum thickness allowed has been reduced to 27µ.
Choice of machine components 02/06/2010
Careful attention is given to the choice of Cermex machine components. Suppliers must meet design regulations imposed by Cermex in particular in terms of reduction in packaging and energy consumption.

Cermex selects the most efficient and least energy-consuming components whilst giving priority to performance and reliability.

Cermex is also participating actively in the CETIM* supplier challenge.
(*Technical Centre for Mechanical Industries).
Reduction in paper and ink consumption 02/06/2010
The whole workforce has been made aware of the need to reduce paper consumption.

By sending documents by e-mail and reorganizing the printers (reduction in the total number of printers, recto/verso printing in black and white by default), paper consumption has been reduced by 43% in one year. The same applies to ink cartridges which, once used, are placed into recycling bins by the staff.
Partnership with packaging suppliers 02/06/2010
In the scope of customer projects and market surveillance, Cermex, as a Packaging Advisor, meets regularly with secondary and tertiary packaging manufacturers to improve/optimize current solutions as well as orient future solutions towards Sustainable Development.
Recycling 02/06/2010
Business cards and customer gifts have been completely reviewed, resulting in the procurement of promotional items and business cards made from recyclable material: paper bags, pens in 100% recycled cardboard and wood with the FSC label which are 70% biodegradable.
Reorganization of IT servers 02/06/2010
The IT department has reorganized and consequently reduced the number of servers from 32 to 6.

Electrical energy consumption has been divided by 5, i.e. a saving of approximately 20 kW/hour, or almost 150 000 kW/year. This also means a reduction in indirect carbon emissions of approximately 2.6 tonnes.
Another means of promotion 02/06/2010
In the same vein as the reduction in paper consumption, the company has chosen to stop promoting sales by way of paper mail shots and focus only on promotional actions by e-mail.
Packs formed with less energy 02/06/2010
The re-design of the shrink tunnels on the TS shrink-wrapping range in terms of air circulation and insulation have led to a reduction of more than 10% in energy consumption.
Reduction in packaging 02/06/2010
Cermex endorses the promotion of a range of cardboard packaging, know as Eco-newpack© , developed by Clareo, optimizing the amount of cardboard used and reducing waste during production by the cardboard manufacturer.
Computer updating optimized 02/06/2010
The updating of software used on the employee workstations used to be carried out overnight. This meant that each computer was constantly left switched on during weekdays. The procedure was revised so that updates are carried out during working hours, without disturbing the users.

One of the objectives in 2010 is to implement a procedure for automatically switching off the computers.
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