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Sustainability : Cermex's Solid Commitment

Public opinion often tends to mistake the packaging sector for a polluting industry which has little respect for the environment. To counter this fallacy, the packaging world is rallying to explain the “eco-approach” which has been in force for many years.

The Cermex group, as a key player in this sector, would also like to explain and prove its employees’ Commitment to Sustainable Development.

Consequently, backed by the whole of our organization, we are bringing into the limelight our lasting Commitment based on three premises:

  • Protect
  • Reduce
  • Sustain

To support these three causes, three lines of action have been defined, characterized by the implementation of concrete measures, combined with clear and measurable targets:


Promote all initiatives for responsible and economical use of our resources at all levels of our organization and our production and purchasing cycle.
Simple actions can quickly generate significant results.


Consider the environment in the design process of our machines throughout each stage of the product life, from its design to its destruction. One of Cermex’s objectives consists in developing machines which consume less energy and are more respectful of the environment, while maintaining, or even increasing their performance: improve production while consuming less.


Participate actively in the eco-design of packaging in partnership with the key players in the corrugated cardboard and film sectors. The main objectives pursued are:

  • Determine the most efficient material,
  • Generate savings in material during manufacture,
  • Optimize the volume consumed by the packaging during its life cycle (manufacture – transportation – use – recycling)

GreenUP is a dynamic and transverse commitment for CERMEX Group in line with our strategy and vision : Be economically and technologically Green Efficient.
Bring the ‘Plus’ difference to our customers

Taking responsibility, is first about taking action: this is Cermex’s choice.

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Over the last few months, Cermex has begun to reap the benefits of its commitment to Sustainable Development.

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