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Our expertise

Our expertise

In 40 years, Cermex has become one of the leaders in end of line packaging machinery, with complete solutions for case packing, shrink-wrapping and palletizing fast-moving consumer goods.

With the same energy as in its beginning, Cermex strives more than ever towards its main goal:


The milestone of 10 000 machines installed was reached in 2009, consistent with a fulfilled vocation as a technical, economic and ecological leader.

Carried along by a strong culture revolving around quality and service, the company has made the most of continuous innovation and rapid internationalization to become a world player. Today, it offers the widest range of machines on the market, with 70% exported.

10 to 12 innovations per year

Innovation is at the heart of Cermex's strategy, with 8% of its turnover dedicated every year to industrializing new processes capable of handling the whole of the packaging chain, from gripping the product in its primary packaging through to palletization.

From its creation in 1968, Cermex equipped itself with a substantial design office whose growth in terms of staff mirrors the growth of the company. Today, 130 employees out of a total workforce of 550 contribute to the design and continuous improvement of the solutions proposed.

400 machines manufactured each year

Capable of handling all types of primary and secondary packaging, Cermex proposes the widest range of solutions on the market with single-function or multi-function machines depending on the layout constraints and speed requirements. The main functions covered are product collating, case erecting/loading/sealing, shrink-wrapping (with or without seal) and palletization.

With an experience of 10 000 installations, Cermex equips the leaders in each market, capitalizing on exceptional expertise, kept up to date by an annual production of 400 machines.

Complete solutions derived from customer requirements

The machines installed by Cermex are entirely designed and manufactured within one of the three production sites.

The company's leadership in its markets is founded on eight technological assets: expertise in robotics, the complementarity of film + cardboard, the ability to handle turnkey ends of line integrating functions such as check-weighing, printing or barcode reading, management of frequent and automatic format changeovers, compact machine footprints, ergonomics and accessibility, the capacity to propose solutions at all production speeds and finally respect for the products and the quality of the finished packaging.

The widest range on the market

Cermex is very much committed to helping its customers to maintain performance throughout the machine life cycle; thanks to a dense network of engineers, sales subsidiaries on all continents, and perfect knowledge of the issues in each target sector, the company proposes value added services which meet the market requirements.

Since 1996, Cermex has been a subsidiary of Sidel, world leader in solutions for packaging liquid food, and a division of the Swedish group, Tetra Laval.

Cermex is a technical, economic and ecological leader in end of line packing and palletizing machinery, including turnkey lines, and in the development of this machinery in selected strategic fields.

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