Cermex, for comprehensive packaging equipment solutions


3 good reasons to join our team:

1. Share in our values

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment

If you enjoy a challenge and wish to participate in the success of a company, come and join our team.




2. Develop your abilities

A successful integration

All new employees benefit from a specific integration programme. Other than the job aspect, a 2 day course is organised as a global and shared introduction to the company.

Abilities developed

Identifying abilities in order to further develop them is at the heart of Cermex’s human resources management philosophy. With the emphasis strongly on getting ahead, we provide support for our employees through training adapted to their job and offer the possibility to evolve within Cermex and the group in accordance with their plans.

Because you play the main part in how you get ahead, the Group Job Exchange gives you the possibility to keep informed of the positions available.

Qualities sought

Beyond abilities linked to the job, Cermex is looking for men and women who enjoy a challenge, have team spirit and wish to participate in the collective success of the company.


3. Think international

Cermex has been developing abroad since it was founded. Today it benefits from a world-wide presence through its subsidiaries and sales agents.

In light of this, we look to recruit people who speak English and are interested in other cultures.

Numerous possibilities to become part of Cermex

Positions available

You can consult the Sidel recruitment policy and job offers as well as submit your application.
You can also send your application (CV and cover letter) directly to recrutement@cermex.fr

Le Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE)

Since 2005, Cermex has offered positions abroad for qualified young people under the VIE scheme (international voluntary service within a company). Aimed at young people of European nationality between the ages of 18 and 28, the VIE enables them to gain professional experience abroad for a period of between 6 to 24 months working in positions such as Sales Engineer for example.

The volunteer is trained, paid and benefits from paid holidays.

The offers can be found on the UBIFRANCE website.

Government-regulated placements

Each year, Cermex offers 60 placements to pupils and students. The positions concern mainly the technical side (production, Design Dept.), project engineering and interlinked functions such as human resources, finance, safety, etc.

Each placement must be outlined beforehand and an agreement signed with the school.

The minimum level of qualification studied for should correspond to a professional baccalaureat and the duration should be at least one month.


More information

You can consult the Sidel recruitment policy and job offers as well as submit your application.

Find out more

To apply for a placement, please send a CV and accompanying letter to the following e-mail address: