Cermex, for comprehensive packaging equipment solutions


1968 Creation of Ouest Conditionnement
1974 Creation of Cermex
1985 First international subsidiary: CERMEX UK

Ranked as nationwide leader in the cardboard packaging market
1988 Introduction of Cermex onto the Stock Exchange
1990 Construction of the first shrink-wrapper without sealing bar 
1991 Ouest Conditionnement acquired by the Sidel group
1996 Integration of Cermex in the Sidel group
1998 Ouest Conditionnement is attached to the Cermex group and becomes CERMEX OC

Launch of the new range of SB27 cantilever-design side-loading case packers
1999 Opening of a subsidiary in the US: CERMEX Inc

Launch of the first ER60 pendulum-design robot case packer at the Interpack show in Dusseldorf
2000 Launch of the HMI on industrial PC with CESAM software for shrink-wrappers

New range of WB wrap-around case packers
2002 Launch of the EVOLUTION 3 range of shrink-wrappers (TS 2 – TS 3 – TS 4)

Winner of 2 packaging awards for the Dual Injection System (DIS) for automatic reel changeover (Lisieux) and the ER63 continuous robot case packer (Corcelles)
2003 Opening of an office in Thailand for South-East Asia and Australia: Cermex Asia Pacific
2004 Launch of the TSi stainless-steel high-speed shrink-wrapper for mini-bricks with its diagonal flight bar collation system (CCO)

New SD69 top-loading case packer with numerical axes
2005 Launch of the complete Ready to Pack range for loading flexible packaging and food trays into cases

Launch of the new P45 high-speed palletizer
2006 Project to open Spanish and Chinese subsidiaries

Launch of the F550 multi-packaging erector for Shelf-Ready Packaging
2007 New sales office in China

Launch and sales success of the new SW side-loading case packer for RSC and/or wrap around blanks
2008 Opening of a subsidiary in China

Launch of the new multi-function SD58 top-loading case packer and the P5 palletizing unit
2009 New sales and services subsidiary in Thailand

Launch of the new VersaWrap® continuous case packer and VersaCombi® continuous case packing/shrink-wrapping unit
2010 Implementation of a WCLE approach (World Class Lean Enterprise)

Integration of a 6-axis parallel-link robot in the case packers and 2010 Packaging Oscar for the ProSelex® product collating system
2011 Opening of subsidiaries Sales & Services in India and Mexico

Launch of the new range of seamless shrink-wrappers: Versafilm®
2012 In the pipeline: new sales and services subsidiary in Brazil